Get Your Students Back into Practice (free teaching resource!)

Next week is back-to-teaching for me after a crazy, hectic summer. I’m really looking forward to seeing all of my kiddos again! But I have to admit, even though I love my little virtuosos, it isn’t the easiest thing to get them back into the routine of practice. So, I created a coloring chart for my students that will hopefully help them get from summer break back into music. I uploaded the files on WAJN’s website. You can access here:



My Jesus, I Love Thee | Violin Solo

I love it when my students request a special arrangement.
And I love it even more when they request it because they’ve been asked to play
at an event! One of my violin students was asked to play violin at her church’s
Valentines’ Banquet! I very happily provided her this arrangement.


Note: Video is recorded by me
Available on WAJN


Video Lesson Openings!

Video LessonsI highly endorse local teachers. Having someone in-studio with you, teaching you, and helping you learn your instrument is the best option. But sometimes, that best option just isn’t there, and you can’t find a local teacher. In that case, the age of internet is a huge blessing! Now, all you need is a good internet connection, and you can connect with a teacher miles away (in completely different time zones altogether!). For several years now, I have offered video lessons on request. This year, however, I am opening up new lesson slots on Thursdays (CST) for live piano and violin video lessons. If you’ve not been able to find a local teacher, I would love to assist you in learning your instrument! Video lessons are not for everyone, though, so I will offer a free first lesson/consultation.



30-minute lesson $15/week

45-minute lesson $22/week

60-minute lesson $27/week



I am a classically-trained violinist (Suzuki level 6) who has experimented with fiddling and ear-playing.



I have been trained in classical and ear playing. While I offer traditional keyboard instruction, I specialize in hymn improvisation and arranging.



I understand that lessons are a commitment, and I am willing to discuss expectations and desires with you before you begin.



I have recorded many of my arrangements and have uploaded them to my YouTube channel (


Amanda Tero

Christmas is a Gift | CD Now Available for Orders!

Last year, I rush-recorded a piano solo album in time for Christmas. This year, it’s ready for ordering! Sign up to claim your copy now!! (CDs should be available to ship at the end of November) CDs are $12 each plus $3 shipping and handling (USA only–don’t worry, it will be available on digital platforms internationally in a few weeks).

Christmas is - orders

Christmas is

The title song was composed by my sister, Elizabeth. Listen to it on YouTube!


O Come, All Ye Faithful (from The Solid Rock album)

Several years ago, I recorded my first piano album, “The Solid Rock.” At the time, I thought it very well might be the only piano album I would be able to record (God’s plans surely aren’t ours, and I’m happy about that!). Because this was a once-in-a-lifetime event (or so I thought), it was a combination of all of my arrangements at the time: year 2012. That being said, one of the arrangements featured on this CD is none other than “O Come, All Ye Faithful.” Since it is nearing Christmastime, it needs a little revisit from me, as well as a delightful little sharing with you all via YouTube.
For the first time since 2012, the sheet music is now available for purchase! I am planning on working toward publishing the entire collection in sheet music form, but for now, you’ll have to be satisfied with just this one.
If you’d like to add it to your music library, MP3 singles are for sale here (or look them up on your favorite digital music server like Apple Music, iTunes, or Amazon).