Me? Teach Piano? – a book for teachers

Have you thought about teaching piano? Or have you been asked, yet you’re a little (or a lot) intimidated? “Me? Teach Piano?” by Amanda Tero, fully captures the fears of starting your piano studio and, in a down-to-earth style, giving you hope to conquer those fears. This booklet contains ideas, suggestions, and advice based on Amanda’s experience. Consider it a layman’s approach to teaching piano, from one teacher to another.

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About the Book

“You play piano? Could you teach my daughter?” The parent looks too desperate to turn down, yet your thoughts run wild. “Me? Teach piano? I can barely play myself! Do they know what they’re trying to get themselves into?!”

“Me? Teach Piano?” is a simple guide to clear up some of your questions as you learn a down-to-earth approach to creating piano policies, interacting with students, and choosing the correct curriculum.

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Me? Teach Piano?

It’s almost time, folks! “Me? Teach Piano?” is on the brink of release and I’m getting reviewers signed up to read it. Are you interested in getting a free eBook of “Me? Teach Piano?” Email me at withajoyfulnoise{at}gmail{dot}com and I’ll send a copy your way in exchange of a review on Amazon and/or Goodreads.

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