Video Lesson Openings!

Video LessonsI highly endorse local teachers. Having someone in-studio with you, teaching you, and helping you learn your instrument is the best option. But sometimes, that best option just isn’t there, and you can’t find a local teacher. In that case, the age of internet is a huge blessing! Now, all you need is a good internet connection, and you can connect with a teacher miles away (in completely different time zones altogether!). For several years now, I have offered video lessons on request. This year, however, I am opening up new lesson slots on Thursdays (CST) for live piano and violin video lessons. If you’ve not been able to find a local teacher, I would love to assist you in learning your instrument! Video lessons are not for everyone, though, so I will offer a free first lesson/consultation.



30-minute lesson $15/week

45-minute lesson $22/week

60-minute lesson $27/week



I am a classically-trained violinist (Suzuki level 6) who has experimented with fiddling and ear-playing.



I have been trained in classical and ear playing. While I offer traditional keyboard instruction, I specialize in hymn improvisation and arranging.



I understand that lessons are a commitment, and I am willing to discuss expectations and desires with you before you begin.



I have recorded many of my arrangements and have uploaded them to my YouTube channel (


Amanda Tero


Christmas is a Gift | CD Now Available for Orders!

Last year, I rush-recorded a piano solo album in time for Christmas. This year, it’s ready for ordering! Sign up to claim your copy now!! (CDs should be available to ship at the end of November) CDs are $12 each plus $3 shipping and handling (USA only–don’t worry, it will be available on digital platforms internationally in a few weeks).

Christmas is - orders

Christmas is

The title song was composed by my sister, Elizabeth. Listen to it on YouTube!


Standing on the Promises | Advanced Piano Solo

A few years ago, I began arranging an advanced piano solo. It actually began when my family and I were singing at a church. Before service, I was playing around on the church piano just for fun. It’s interesting, but sometimes playing on a different piano will inspire different ideas. As I played, I threw in a descending scale-type progression where I went down, retraced a note up then went down further, etc. It was a keeper-idea, and before long, the Lord allowed me to piece it together with “Standing on the Promises” (you’ll hear that progression throughout the arrangement).

However, after about halfway into the song, I hit a brick wall. I put the piece down for about nine months (in that time, we actually moved states–so a lot went on between measure one and the final bar line in this piece!). I loved the beginning and it was such fun to play, but I didn’t have an ending. As I thought about it, I’d pray for ideas, pull it out, toy with it, and let it set again. Finally, there was a breakthrough and God gave me just the ideas I needed to finish the arrangement.

Now, about two years later, I’ve finally gotten around to recording it to share with you all!


The sheet music for this is available at WAJN (but I’ll give warning, it is advanced–there are a lot of notes in the ten pages!).

Welcome to my Music Studio (plus free downloads)

I have mentioned teaching occasionally, but it’s not something that I have really looked at on this blog. Today, I’d like to give you a glimpse at this year’s music studio:
I  haven’t had much opportunity to decorate my studio in years passed, because for most of my teaching life, I have either shared my studio with someone else (i.e. I started teaching in my room), or just didn’t feel that creative. This year, however, I decided to do something kind of fun–and the kids loved it (which, I’ll admit, always feels rewarding!). As you can see, I went for a “back to school” theme (time will tell if I change it up every month or quarter or at all…). I did a fun play on words…


Then I also have some “cheat sheets” up there. The younger me would have frowned on this; after all, they need to KNOW their answers, right? But… I’d rather the student review it 100 times and KNOW it than get frustrated fifty times, because they just can’t remember. We’ll see if these remain up all year or not.



In addition to all of this, I make my students track down their practice minutes. Their weekly time goal is different, depending on their age and level. This year to keep track for their diligence the entire year, I have created a chart. Each week, I will color in whether they have practiced ALL of their time (four keys), HALF of their time (two keys), a quarter of their time (one key), etc. Here’s hoping it’s incentive to get those keys colored!



Now, the freebies I mentioned in the title. All of the charts I mentioned are uploaded here (PDFs) for you to have full access to–print and use to your heart’s content! And, if you use them, I would love to hear how they worked for you!
If you are new to teaching or are considering teaching and don’t know where to start, I published a short book (most people can read it in an hour) to help musicians get started teaching. “Me? Teach Piano?” is only $1.99 for Kindle (though you may also get the paperback for $7.99).
How many music teachers do we have out there? What instruments do you teach? What have you found to be your most helpful teaching tip?


Hymn Favorites Collection One (and Giveaway!)

Today, I’m excited to announce the start of a new music series!


These are specifically for the late beginner/early intermediate pianist. Those who are around this level…


I didn’t want to sell these pieces as individuals, because, to me, $.99 is a little much for one page of music. So, three songs are for $1.99. 🙂 Here is a sampling of them.
Annnnd… as I promised, a giveaway! I’ve not given away much sheet music, but I know that several of my readers are this level or have students this level, so I’d be more than happy to give away a digital copy. 🙂 Just follow the Rafflecoptor instructions. 😉

Surrender – Release Day!

Calling all pianists! With a Joyful Noise has released a new piano solo book for late-intermediate to early-advanced pianists. Whether you are your church’s pianist or you simply enjoy learning new music for personal enjoyment and reflection, finding new music books is always a joy. Coming from a church
pianist who knows the struggle of finding new offertories, Amanda Tero has taken timeless songs and woven advanced techniques into simple, relaxing settings.
The songs in the piano solo book are commonly known as “invitation songs,” and the messages ring true. Have we laid all on the altar for God to control? Have we acknowledge our need for Christ and turned fully to Him? Have we truly surrendered all to Him? Are we daily seeking to be near Him so that we can say in assurance, “It is well with my soul?” Are we eagerly awaiting His eternal plans for us or do we still cling to that which will one day fade away?
Listen to all of the songs on YouTube.
If you want to join in on some fun, WAJN is having a release party on FB today at 7 p.m. central time. Click here to find the party.
About the Book
Level: Late-intermediate/Early Advanced
Pages: 37

Song List (click on the link to listen to samples)

Is Your All on the Altar  Come, Ye Sinners  I Surrender All  Near the Cross 
It is Well With My Soul  Near to the Heart of God  Jerusalem, my Happy Home

Buy the Book

Visit or email Amanda at for more information on purchasing your own copy (digital or print).

About the Arranger
Amanda Tero is a born-again believer in the Lord Jesus Christ, currently living and teaching in Mississippi. She has played piano since 1998, studying under Karen Tero, Donna Hopkins, and Shelley Hayes. The Lord has given her opportunities to be involved in accompaniment, congregational playing, hymn-arranging, and recording since 1999.
Connect with Amanda

Since not all blog-readers are pianists, there are two giveaways going on, so no one is left out! First, you may enter for a physical copy of Amanda’s piano solo CD, The Solid Rock. Second, you may enter to win a print copy of Surrender for yourself. Note: these giveaways are open to U.S. Residents only (non-U.S. residents may enter the giveaway for Surrender if they would like to win a digital copy instead).

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a Rafflecopter giveaway


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